The Blog Project. #5

 the ever so JEJE ICA-XS COs '11-12
okay. I'm not fond of all of the male officers. :| In fact, I'm actually pissed at some of them. But, no matter how weird they are or annoying, or awkward, or disturbing, they still made our last MAJOR duty really memorable! I'd really like to thank them SO SO SO MUCH for making my last major duty as a cadette officer something that I'll surely never forget. Even if at first I was doubting their capabilities in making this duty really successful, I'm glad that it turned out well. Actually, better than "well". More like one of the BEST major duties ever. That's the main reason why I'll KINDA miss them when I go off to college. But I think, I'll miss the duty MORE than I'll miss them. I might not even miss them at all...haha. kidding! I'm really glad that this bunch turned out to be out counterparts. Even if they're not as sociable as us, they still tried to be sociable and friendly.


The Blog Project. #3 & #4

Sorry if I wasn't able to post yesterday! :( I was out the whooole daaaay, so I had no chance to blog. :( Sooo, to make up for my absence yesterday, I shall post 2 posts under "The Blog Project" today! :)
So, for The Blog Project. #3 we have,
My Charity 'Kada. <3 
The past 2 years have been an amazing roller coaster ride with these lovely ladies! :) Without them, my high school life would surely be a blah. I'll really miss these faces when I go off for college! I'll surely miss playing UNO or Monopoly Deal, photoshoot-ing, invading planners, formulating pick-up lines, and passing post-its, with this bunch. :(

Next up!
for The Blog Project. #4, we have,
My First Year class 'kada. :)
These beautiful girlaloos really made the start of my High School really memorable! :) What's even more amazing about it is that, we make it a point that at least once a year, we meet up at Louise's (2nd girl from the left) or go to Promenade (mall located somewhere in Greenhills). Another amazing thing we do is whenever all of us are invited to a certain event, like a debut or a party, we TRY to make it a point to take a picture together. We still try to keep our friendship really strong despite the other barkadas we have. I'll surely miss KS-ing (kwento session-ing; gossiping, catching-up, etc.), watching concerts, and just chilling with these girlaloos. :)


The Blog Project. #2

My ever loving, ever supportive, SUPER HYPER ACTIVE, ever sweetest class,
I've been with this bunch of lovely ladies for 3 years, but it felt like I've known them for more than 3 years. The very first time I found out who my classmates will be for Sophomore Year, I immediately panicked.  I didn't have any idea who half of my soon-to-be classmates are. I was telling myself that I won't be able to enjoy the remaining years I have in my school if I'll be with this bunch of people. But then that changed when the first week of Sophomore Year came. It was like everything clicked from the on set of the school year. I never imagined that I'll be able to completely click with almost everybody in my class. It was only in this class did I get to talk to most of them. It was also only in this class that I get to show them who I really am without holding back anything.
I'll surely miss these people. They've been such sweet and really amazing sisters to me for 3 years. I'll surely never ever forget then when I go off for college. :)


The Blog Project.

I've been thinking. 
I've only got less than a month of "normal school days" before our final examination. :( huhuhu. I'll surely miss my school and everything that's in it! :)) The facilities, the teachers, the classrooms, maintenance staff, security guards, my friends, classmates, org-mates, EVERYTHING!!! Even the food, breakfast, snacks, even the stray cats wandering around our school and preying on the garbage cans. Leaving the school that has nurtured you for quite some time is something really hard to leave behind. That's why, I've come up with a solution! :) I was actually inspired by my friend, Kim, who started making this album on Facebook entitled, "Reasons why I'll miss HS". :) So starting today until March. 24, 2012, which is my graduation day, I shall post a picture that I'll miss in High School when I leave for college. I'll really try my best to post DAILY! I'll super try! :))) HAHA. 
So, for my first post...
*taken during the Freshmen Interaction thing-o in Xavier*
We're not complete here though. :( HUHUHU. Anyway, I really love this bunch! I wouldn't be able to survive CAT and High School life if it weren't for these lovely people! Through hardships and trials, our bond was really put to the test and I'm glad that by the end of the day, our bond became stronger than ever. For 3 years I've spent my CAT life with them and I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING in the world. I'll surely miss them when we go off for college. :( 


My day in Photos/ Post from Fatmumslim. :)

I'm REALLY SORRY if I've been "dead" lately. :( huhuhu. 
Really, I'm super sorry! It's just that, my internet connection sucks...so yeaaah. :< 
But that didn't stop me from planning for my future posts. ;) HAHA.
Okay, so, during the weekend, I tried out this photo challenge from Fatmumslim. Since I've not
been really consistent with a daily photo challenge, I challenged myself to try out for an hourly photo challenge. :)
I did succeed...SORT OF...:<...BUT WAIT. I'd just like to say, I have a very reasonable explanation
WHY I wasn't able to take a picture for some of the hours...
So, without any further ado, I present to you, MY DAY IN PHOTOS.
10:00 AM : I saw the hourly photo challenge at fatmumslim. :) *CHALLENGE ACCEPTED* 
11:00 AM: Breakfaaaast! :) Cereal mixed with nuts and corniks.:) It has this sweet-garlicy taste. :))) It's actually a good alternative for chips. :) 
 12:00 NN: Planner updaaaaate! ;))))) 
 1:00 PM: Beef Broccoli for LUUUUUNCH! :) FYI, it's the first time my mom ever cooked this particular dish. :) All I can say is, MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED. ;) 

2:00 PM: Got some fancy dark chocolate.:p~ hihihi. 

 3:00 PM: FACEBOOOOK TIIIIME!!!!! hihihihihi.
4:00 PM: I was looking at some pictures my friend took a few days ago. :)))) The moment I saw this particular photo, I immediately laughed my heart out. =))))) HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. It truly never fails to make my day. =)) 
 5:00 PM: Pizza from S&R. FYI, S&R is similar to target or cosco in the states. ;) hihhi. I just loooove their pizza!!! :p~ 
6:00-9:00 PM: *IM REALLY SORRY FOR NOT TAKING PHOTOS OF 7PM, 8PM AND 9PM :( huhuhu* Anyway, my VERY REASONABLE EXPLANATION ISSS......I've been dealing with this video I'm making for my friend, Mia (the 2nd girl from the right; front row), for her SURPRISE 18th birthday part, (photos to be posted soon) ;) hihihi. So yeah, that's one of the photos I used for the video. :) 
10:00 PM: One awesome way of ending the weekend is by watching "Gandang Gabi Vice" GGV. ;) Gandang  Gabi means Good Evening, btw. ;)) Vice is the name of the host of GGV. :)) (He's the one in the left) =)))

I shall try this again this coming weekend. ;;)