The Blog Project. #5

 the ever so JEJE ICA-XS COs '11-12
okay. I'm not fond of all of the male officers. :| In fact, I'm actually pissed at some of them. But, no matter how weird they are or annoying, or awkward, or disturbing, they still made our last MAJOR duty really memorable! I'd really like to thank them SO SO SO MUCH for making my last major duty as a cadette officer something that I'll surely never forget. Even if at first I was doubting their capabilities in making this duty really successful, I'm glad that it turned out well. Actually, better than "well". More like one of the BEST major duties ever. That's the main reason why I'll KINDA miss them when I go off to college. But I think, I'll miss the duty MORE than I'll miss them. I might not even miss them at all...haha. kidding! I'm really glad that this bunch turned out to be out counterparts. Even if they're not as sociable as us, they still tried to be sociable and friendly.

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