The Blog Project. #2

My ever loving, ever supportive, SUPER HYPER ACTIVE, ever sweetest class,
I've been with this bunch of lovely ladies for 3 years, but it felt like I've known them for more than 3 years. The very first time I found out who my classmates will be for Sophomore Year, I immediately panicked.  I didn't have any idea who half of my soon-to-be classmates are. I was telling myself that I won't be able to enjoy the remaining years I have in my school if I'll be with this bunch of people. But then that changed when the first week of Sophomore Year came. It was like everything clicked from the on set of the school year. I never imagined that I'll be able to completely click with almost everybody in my class. It was only in this class did I get to talk to most of them. It was also only in this class that I get to show them who I really am without holding back anything.
I'll surely miss these people. They've been such sweet and really amazing sisters to me for 3 years. I'll surely never ever forget then when I go off for college. :)

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