Surprise, Surprise!

Last, September. 23, 2011, We planned a surprise dinner party celebration for one of my super-awesome-gay-loving-oh-so-bongga-friend, Aina! :) <3
Aina thought it was just a regular GNO/ window shopping session with me, Justine and Candice, but turned out that there's more than that :> 
So, we had to stall Aina while the rest prepare the resto where the surprise will be held. After hours of tummies grumbling and stalling Aina, we finally went to the resto. :))
The food is DIVINE BTW! :))) HAHA (I shall post a separate post about that. :>)
I really really really love surprises! :) Though, I prefer organizing the surprise than actually being surprised. :))
So, anyway, here are some the pictures that were taken that day.
Happy Birthday, Aina! :)
Hope you have a truly awesome one ;)
You won't be seventeen forever ;) :> Spend it wisely. ;) 

(c) Mari for the photos. :) Edited by me ;) (GOTTA LOVE ACTIONS <3)


10 things I love, Wedding Themes

Okay, before you guys have any assumptions about the title, I'm not planning any wedding event nor am I gonna be married. I just decided to do this post so that YOU GUYS can I have some ideas on how you want your wedding to look like. Also, not only do I love these wedding  themes, but they also helped me in planning my debut theme and decorations and stuff. :) 
*all photos are from http://greenweddingshoes.com//

1. Bohemian handmade theme

2.  Superhero theme

3. New York City theme

4. Light bulb inspired theme

5. Old world carnival theme

 6. Water for Elephants theme

7. Carnival theme

8. Eco- Friendly Park theme

9. 1920's theme

10. Anthropologie inspired theme

I just love the colors that pops out from the pictures. <3 I also adore its vintage-ness. <3 
 I really hope, that my debut will turn out to be like a combination of all my 10 favorite wedding themes. <3 

Make Way for the Zenith!

It's that time of the year again when the freshmen, sophomore, juniors and SENIORS all gather in the DTASC. This is year the freshmen are called Zepheus, the sophomores- Phoenix, the juniors- Xyrene, and the last but not the least, the SENIORS- ZENITH! <3 YESSSSSSS! WOOHOOO! Senior Swag, yo! ;) Here are just some of the DPs that my batchmates prepared for the intrams. :)


The intramurals will truly be one of the school events that I'll miss. I just love the atmosphere that the intrams gives out. People cheering their hearts out, being united and all. :) Here are some of the pictures of the previous intramurals. ;)
intrams 2009-2010
intrams 2010-2011

"Make way, Make Way. Make way, make way for the ZENITH"


the ABC's of ME.

Okay, So I got this from a random blogged I stumbled upon while randomly clicking random blogs. So, anyway here's an ABC of ME. :)
A. Age: sweventeen. ;) 
B. Bed size: "in this california QUEEN bed..." hihi.
C. Chore that you hate: Washing the dishes. 'Cause I hate the feeling of grease all over my hands. :< 

D. Dogs: DOGS <3 Cats...are...CATS. :| :)) 
E. Essential start to your day: Tumblr. Blogger. and PRAY. <3
F. Favorite color:   ALL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW+GRAY+BLACK+WHITE+All neon colors. :)
G. Gold or Silver:  Gold, 'cause it has this very vintage"y"-vibe when it comes to accessories. :) 
H. Height:  do I really have to answer this? :)) 5'...something ;) 
I. Instruments you play: Guitar and Piano
J. Job title:   Student, daughter, friend, cousin. :)) ICAlettes layout staff, Zyrbk layout editor, plans officer :( Hopefully, a DENTIST in the future. :) 
K. Kids: I don't really have plans of having kids as of this moment. :) 
L. Live: LIVE HAPPY! *what!?!* :))
M. Mother’s name:  Cherry :)
N. Nicknames:  Ann, AnnOng, Trina, Cathrine, Katrina, Annie, Anniebananie, AnnOngz. :)) 
O. Overnight hospital stays: FTQ. :| HAHAHHAHA Why care much? :))
P. Pet peeves: B****ES, perverts, flirts, cheaters, liars, nasty places, nasty people, "OA" people, disrespectful people, backstabbers, narrow spaces, sluts, whores, bossy people.
Q. Quote from a movie: 
Love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it. - A walk to remember <3
R. Right or left handed: RIGHT! ;) 
S. Siblings:  me, myself and I :(
U. Underwear:  I like those printed ones from La Senza. :)) Like those polka dot ones, stripes, etc. :)) 
V. Vegetable you hate:  green peas. blech :| 
W. What makes you run late:  No offense to my parents, I truly love them but, they're the main reason why I run late for duty, etc.
X. X-Rays you’ve had:  1? 
Y. Yummy food that you make:  Kani Salad, Milo Sherbet, anything that has to do with cheese and crackers :)
Z. Zoo animal: Lion, elephant, flamingos, orangutans. :)) 



So, a few days back, my mom and her friends celebrated their birthday at the "CHILD HAUS". Its a place where kids with cancer from various provinces stay while they're on treatment. :( 
What my mom and her friends, and I did was we fed the kids and their parents some food (since its a birthday) and just had fun with them. :) They even sang us 2-3 songs as a "welcoming gift" to us. <3 

I'm really touched by the lives of these kids. Despite their disease, they still managed to have fun and sing in front of us. :)
This experience really made me realize that I'm lucky to have such a blessed and healthy life and hopefully in the future I get to come back there with some of the kids already well from their sickness. :) 


10 things I love, The first.

I know, I should be doing this on a SUNDAY, cause every Sunday is a "10 things I love sunday", but I'm just too excited to be re-starting a blog again after so many months of figuring out what to do with my previous blog. :-j (BTW, my previous blog is: http://365daysofsummerhome.blogspot.com) ;) You can check that out if you want, but it won't be as organized and as fun as this blog. :) So, check at your own risk. ;)
Anyway, So here's a list/ photo list of the 10 things I love, in general. (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER);)

1. Native American style/ vibe.
I don't really know why, but I just love its "vibe". :)) It makes me feel so carefree and relaxed despite all the bad **** happening my life. Plus, feathers are a trend right now, right? :) 

2. DIY weddings/ whimsical weddings 
Based from A MILLION (or more) picture I've seen, I find these kinds of wedding really fun and and practical to do. 'Cause you don't have to splurge a lot of money! Plus, you can add your "personal" touch in your wedding decorations but at the same time keep "traditional" vibe that every wedding has. :) 

3. Rings
Okay, I have to admit, I used to HATE RINGS! They're just irritating and weird. I used to think of rings as "weights" or "loads" for my fingers to "carry".  But then one random day, I suddenly had a thing for rings. :)))

4. Pumps.
Okay, Another confession. I'm short. I don't really admit to myself that I'm short, BUT, I think I am :( BOO HOO! :( One solution to height problems are PUMPS! KILLER STILETTOS ;) hihi. I tried on this 5-inch pumps from Michael Antonio. I thought I couldn't walk using those heels 'cause I don't normally wear them, but then to my surprise, I actually worked it. :)) It just boosts my confidence when I wear heels. It makes me look taller and smart. ;) (BTW, I LOVE THE 3rd PHOTO <3 GLITTERY SHIMMERING RED PUMPS <3)

5. GOD. <3 
Of course, GOD!!! Without God, I wouldn't be living or wouldn't experience the life I'm experiencing now. Because of Him, a lot of things are happening in my life right now, good or bad. :) And everything I do, I do for His GREATER GLORY. :)

I just love my family! :) I mean, who doesn't, right? :)) Without them, I wouldn't be here. :) It's because of them that I'm living my life to the fullest. :)

My life wouldn't be as fun and as exciting without my friends. :) I consider them as my "family" in school whenever I feel homesick :( They're the one whom I turn to when my family is taking care of their business and other stuff. :) Without them, my life would surely be one dull life. :( 

8. Music.
MUSIC IS MY SOUUUL! Yeah i know that sounded kinda cliche, but it is! I mean, I love music, I love creating music and I love listening to music. It just makes my gloomy days, happy and bouncin' in an instant. :) Also, it helps to bring back good 'ol memories. ;)

9. Fast food/ Burgers, Fries, etc.
I JUST LOVE BURGERS AND FRIES. :) Esp. with coke float from Mc D's. :)) <3 Best comfort food EVERRRR <3 Not minding all the calories of the burger and the fries, though. HAHAHA. But I make it a point that I take in thing in moderation.

10. Harry Potter
MY CHILDHOOD WOULDN'T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT THE HARRY POTTER MOVIES. <3 Imagine, the Harry Potter movie started when I was in the 2nd grade and ended during my Senior year. :)) I remember when I was a kid, I made sure that I watch every HP movie that comes out, and buy each of their DVDs. :)) Though, I haven't watched the last one though due to my tight sched. :(