Glee Cast - We Are Young (Glee Cast Version)

Hi guys! :) Sorry for the delay post. :( My internet wasn't working well last night. :( HUHUHU. Anyway, so another inspirational song for me! :) Although this may not be as deep as compared to Jason Mraz's I won't give up, this song reminds me to always treasure every moment of my "teen" life. :)) It also tells me to enjoy being young, to not be too eager to grow up. To savor every minute of being young. :) I hope you guys like this song and also find the meaning that I found in this song. ;)


All of the Lights

This is my first post for "Be Inspired, Mondays" and to be honest I have no idea what to post. But then while searching for pictures on Pinterest (Credits to Pinterest for these amazing pictures, by the way), the first photo here caught my attention. So through that, I was inspired to post about lights! :) 
It's amazing how a single speck of light can light up a whole dark room or can make a dull thing become sooo magical. :)) 
It also give out that warm, cheery and romantic vibe. :"> It also makes any occasion perfect! :)
See how amazing lights are? @-)
Hope these inspired you guys as well. ;)


Where to Begin...

So, Where to Begin?
Like what I said in my previous post, it's been approximately 2 months since I've last posted and I seriously do not know where to begin. A lot of things happened in a span of 2 months. Let's start with what happened last November. :) 
So, last November, I had my 18th birthday. (Pictures to be posted as soon as possible). :) It was fun, really! Though it was sort of awkward when the spotlight's on YOU THE WHOLE TIME and people glance at you every 10 minutes or so. So I had to smile the WHOOOOLE time. But I didn't really force myself to smile the whole time, I think I was just naturally happy that's why my cheek muscles didn't hurt the next day. So a few days after my debut, we had our field trip at Gawad Kalinga (Photos to be posted soon as well) with Faith, Solidarity and Sobriety. That was the FIRST TIME I've ever painted a house! EVER!!!!! and it was SUPER FUUUUN!!! Except when there are bugs blocking the parts I have to paint on or when paint suddenly splatters on our faces. :))) A week after that, we had our class night+Aimee's 18 birthday. The Class Night was truly memorable. It was one of those days that I realized how much I'm going to miss my class, Charity and that in a few months I'll be graduating already and go off to college. :( (Photos to be posted soooon. ;) ) Aimee's debut was fun as well! Though I was sort of sleepy throughout the entire debut because I slept REALLY LATE because of the class night. :)) But I still managed to have a really great time at Aimee's party. :) 
After that comes December. :)
Last December wasn't as festive as compared to November but it was magical in a sense that I really felt the Christmas spirit that year. We had our annual Christmas party and sadly it was our last. :( HUHUHUHU. After which we went straight to Eastwood and then to Aina's house for Mari's belated birthday surprise then the next day, I went to Rache's house for her birthday treat at Ace Water Spa with Jem, Ge, Wong and Ting. A few days after, Me, Ge, Jem, Wong, Ting, Rache, Irben and Hans went to Eastwood for Rache and Jem's surprise and of course Rache's ball proposal to Ban-ban but unfortunately, Ban-ban didn't make it, so Rache had to ask through phone but with a twist. :)) Like all 8 of us had a specific phrase to say until Rache will pop the question "Will you go to ball with me?". I forgot exactly what each of us said, but it was continuous and it actually made sense! :)
After days of boredom and wrecking my notebook comes January. :)
January has a lot of surprises...and still yet to come (or so I think)! It was when ALL OF THE CETs were released! First came UST, but then it turned out it was a leak, so it wasn't really official. So the legit one that came out first was La Salle and they released the results while in the middle of our English class, which was like around 11:30. :)) So all of my classmates/ batchmates who took the DLSU-CET ran to the library or to the guidance counselor's office to check if they passed La Salle. The after that, came THE ACET. :)) Then the USTet, then finally the UPCAT, which sadly, I failed to pass. :( Huhuhu. But that's alright! :) At least I have a college alreaddddyyy! :) (UE, here I come. ;) ). Oh! before that, We had our last major duty as COs. :( HUHUHU. and it turned out to be the FUN-EST and most memorable duty everrr! Not because there were guys there, but it was when I saw everybody from the COs up to the COC 3s how happy they are in their duty. :) We also met a couple of new people too! :)) Like our XS counterparts and their NCOs and COCs. Even though we met our counterparts months before the actual duty, it was only on that day that I really got to know them more. We even had a "CAT COED *JEJE*" picture together (Which I shall post soon) :) We also had our retreat at MaryHill in Taytay! :) (details and photos soon since it's suppose to be kept a secret until everybody in our batch was able to have their retreat already) :) Haha. I also had my Talumpati already! :) And Extemporaneous speech! It was scarrrrry as hell. But fortunately, it turned out well. :)
Well, that's what happened to me in the 2 months I've been gone. :)) I promise to post pictures sooon! :)) HAHAHA. and I'll try to post more often compared to last year. :)) HAHAHHAA. 
Cheers to the months ahead. :)

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up (Official Lyric Video)

I just realized that it's been months since the last time I've posted. :O whoops. =))) Sorry for that. :-j HAHAHA. I've been quite busy with a lot of stuff recently. (Well, most of them not related to school though. :-j) HAHAHA. To make up for my absence, I shall post as many posts as I could tonight. :) HAHA. *Challenge Aceepted* ;) To start off, Here's a song to sort of "legalize" my "relationship" with this lovely blog of mine. ;) But other than that, I really like you guys to listen to this song. It's like God talking to you and telling you that He's always there for you no matter what, and that He won't give up on us no matter how many time we do bad things and stuff. :( So yeaaah. Hope you guys like this song!!! <3 
(I literally teared-up the first time I heard this) :))