My day in Photos/ Post from Fatmumslim. :)

I'm REALLY SORRY if I've been "dead" lately. :( huhuhu. 
Really, I'm super sorry! It's just that, my internet connection sucks...so yeaaah. :< 
But that didn't stop me from planning for my future posts. ;) HAHA.
Okay, so, during the weekend, I tried out this photo challenge from Fatmumslim. Since I've not
been really consistent with a daily photo challenge, I challenged myself to try out for an hourly photo challenge. :)
I did succeed...SORT OF...:<...BUT WAIT. I'd just like to say, I have a very reasonable explanation
WHY I wasn't able to take a picture for some of the hours...
So, without any further ado, I present to you, MY DAY IN PHOTOS.
10:00 AM : I saw the hourly photo challenge at fatmumslim. :) *CHALLENGE ACCEPTED* 
11:00 AM: Breakfaaaast! :) Cereal mixed with nuts and corniks.:) It has this sweet-garlicy taste. :))) It's actually a good alternative for chips. :) 
 12:00 NN: Planner updaaaaate! ;))))) 
 1:00 PM: Beef Broccoli for LUUUUUNCH! :) FYI, it's the first time my mom ever cooked this particular dish. :) All I can say is, MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED. ;) 

2:00 PM: Got some fancy dark chocolate.:p~ hihihi. 

 3:00 PM: FACEBOOOOK TIIIIME!!!!! hihihihihi.
4:00 PM: I was looking at some pictures my friend took a few days ago. :)))) The moment I saw this particular photo, I immediately laughed my heart out. =))))) HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. It truly never fails to make my day. =)) 
 5:00 PM: Pizza from S&R. FYI, S&R is similar to target or cosco in the states. ;) hihhi. I just loooove their pizza!!! :p~ 
6:00-9:00 PM: *IM REALLY SORRY FOR NOT TAKING PHOTOS OF 7PM, 8PM AND 9PM :( huhuhu* Anyway, my VERY REASONABLE EXPLANATION ISSS......I've been dealing with this video I'm making for my friend, Mia (the 2nd girl from the right; front row), for her SURPRISE 18th birthday part, (photos to be posted soon) ;) hihihi. So yeah, that's one of the photos I used for the video. :) 
10:00 PM: One awesome way of ending the weekend is by watching "Gandang Gabi Vice" GGV. ;) Gandang  Gabi means Good Evening, btw. ;)) Vice is the name of the host of GGV. :)) (He's the one in the left) =)))

I shall try this again this coming weekend. ;;)

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