ICA Fair 2011: Silverscreen.

I've been busy with debut-related things lately. :< Like invitations, table assignments, guest list, etc. :<
So, here are just SOME of the (unfortunately) few pictures I took from the event. :) 
Lem and Angelica advertising our fair booth, Shooter Island! :)
Me, with my asst. bebez. ;;) *Good Job on your duty ;)* 
 The "ticket" used in our booth :)
 With some of the pumpkins ;;) <3
 With Alanis. :D
 With Kim GT, Andrea and Aina. ;)
 Staged: The ICA variety show 2011. ;)
I think their advocacy this year is, No day but today. :)
*hey manongs 1&2*
This year's fair was the most epic on ever! :))) Even though I wasn't able to really enjoy it with my 'kada, it was still one of the fairs I'll never forget. :))

PEES. Also had a picture with Young JV :"> BUT WILL NOT POST IT DUE TO SOME....embarrassing, not to mention super OMG MOMENT of a picture. :)) 

DIY Pinatas// from Ohhappyday

So while I was doing my daily routine of blog-hopping, I came across this DIY project about how to make mini pinatas. Although I'm not a fan of Pinatas or anything, I found these ones adoraaaable and I had this feeling that someday, I'll be needing this tutorial. :)) AND BESIDES, not only can you make horse-like pinatas using this tutorial, but you can also think out of the box and create something even more tad than unicorns/ horses for pinatas. :) Right? ;) 
I'm not gonna put the step by step process of the DIY project since I'm not the one who did it, so if you guys want a step by step instruction of this project, go to: http://ohhappyday.com/2011/10/mini-pinatas-diy/
and check out more of their DIY projects. :) 
Hope you guys are enjoying the halloween! :)


Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber - Next To You (Official Music Video)

Next To You! <3
Sorry for the delay post :( At least its just a day late, right? ;;) hihihi.
Well this is a longer and slower version of the song. :)) Just got it from youtube. :)
It's a sad music video :(( But the meaning of the song really struck me the most. :<
Hope you guys enjoy this one. ;) Even if it's like really slow compared to the original beat. :))


Beige+Brown+Burgundy+Leopard Prints

I've been wanting to wear something like this ever since I saw this leopard print blazer in Zara. :)) 
So with that inspiration in mind, I've decided to make a mini "style board" using Polyvore to come up with an ensemble that highlights blazers and leopard prints. <3 I REALLY LOVE THIS STYLE! :) It's so chic and safari looking at the same time. :) I'm just loving leopard prints right now! ;;) 

David Guetta feat Usher - Without You (Full Lyrics video)

Sorry for the late post! :( I've been really busy with the fair and varie and a whole lot of stuff! :)) In return, I shall make a PLAYLIST of the tunes that made me enjoy the annual fair more ;) So look out for that one! :) For the mean time, here's the song that I've been wanting to post since last wednesday. :) It's Without you by David Guetta feat. Usher. :)
In my opinion, I think this is like one of the best tunes of David Guetta. :))
I hope you guys like it as much as I do! AND PLEASE BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR MY UPCOMING PLAYLIST POST. ;)


the FINAL dress

So today, my mom and I went to the dressmaker to finalize the design for my debut dress. :)
So here's a sneak peek of what my dress will hopefully look like. :)
thought it's gonna be more puffy, like cabbage-ish. The color is also lighter, like WAAAY lighter than this one. :)) And crystals will be used in replace of the pearls on this dress. ;)) As for the shoes, I'm planning to have nude colored pumps! :) So that I can use it for my graduation and for my other events as well. :)
Can't wait to finally get a look of the FINAL FINAL FINAL dress. :)) 


Shopping List for the Sem. break

Okay, so sem break is fast approaching and one of the things I'd like to do during the break is to go to retail shops! :) AND SHOOOP, duh! :)))) So here's a list of the things I'd like to shop for! :)
Though, I know that there's like a 1000000% chance that I won't be able to buy at least 1 of these things, I'm still not loosing hope. :-bd :) Besides, most malls are having sales nowadays. :))) 


Day 1: Self-Portrait

hihihi. Just got my pictures today from Christine, my pre-debut photographer. :)) So yeah, basically, the outfit in this picture was one of the 3 outfits I had during the shoot. :))) All of my outfits were provided by Aisa. :) I  worked with a really fast and creative team for my pre-debut shoot. Can't ask for a better team. :)))
More photos shall be uploaded...SOON. 

It's the start of PHOTO CHALLENEGES. :)

I solemnly swear that I'm UP TO SOMETHING GOOD. :)
I'll really try my best to do this Photo Challenge thing daily. ;)) I've had a couple of attempts in the past....ain't that successful. But I'll really try my best to do this thing on a daily basis. ;)
I'm really looking forward to doing this thing. :)) I'm excited how it will turn out. :)))) 



poster I made for my class' fair booth. :)

So this year's school fair is entitled: SILVER SCREEN. So, basically it's a movie themed fair for this school year. I'm pretty excited about this! The sad part though is that this will be my last fair as a student in ICA. :( UUUUGH :< Being a senior is really tough, not only academically, but physically, emotionally and most of the time, MENTALLY! :)) 
So going back to the fair, this year my class, IV- Charity, has a fair booth called: SHOOTER ISLAND. :)
The game goes like we'll be giving you loads of paper-mached popcorn. Some are burnt and some are buttered. Now, your goal is to put the buttered ones in the popcorn tumbler and the burnt ones in the trash can. As simple as that! What makes our booth unique are our PRIZES. :) :> hihihihi. 
Well, that's all I can spoil for now. ;) Can't wait to post about the fair, etc. :) 

Cher Lloyd - With Ur Love ft. Mike Posner

With Ur Love- Cher Lloyd ft. Mike Posner. :)
Okay, I SUPER LOOOOVE THIS SONG RIGHT NOW! LIKE OMG I SUPER LOVE THIS SONG! :))) Also the MV by the way! :) It's super...carefree and very lively which is what I really like when I watch music videos and stuff! I find the location cool too! PLUS HER OUTFIT <3 TO DIIIIE FOR! <3 
Hope you guys enjoy this and looking forward for more TUNED UP WEDNESDAYS. ;)
***Not sure if the video can play here. :( If it can't sorry :( Here attached is the song without the video. :< I hope you guys still like it :-bd


10 thing I love, Neon Signs

All those vintage signs make cities like Las Vegas and New York a lively place to be in. Sadly, most of those neon signs are replaced with LCD made signs and billboards and stuff. Fortunately, I found out that there's this neon sign museum in Las Vegas! :) AND I SUPER SUPER TROOPER WANNA GO THERE!!!! AND TAKE PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PICTURES 8-> :)) For the mean time, here are my top 10 favorite neon signs. :-bd
*** Most pictures are from Pinterest and Neon sign museum website.

I want one of these in my house!!! :) SUPER CUUUUTE! :">
 ooh! :) SUPER LOVE THIS! ;) Nice font and colooor! So sad it's not being used anymore :( Well, at least it's in the museum! :) But I still think using these can really bring more life to the city. B-)
cool! :) NEON-LIT SHOES! :) 

I really wish that one day these signs will be put up again and light up the whole city. At least for just one night. :) So that we can conserve energy :-bd :) 


Living East Side! KITCHEN.

So, for the 2nd part of my DREAM HOUSE...the KITCHEN (PLUS, DINING ROOM)! :) 
I'm planning to have a "retro-themed" kitchen for my bricked New York condo. :)
I like this concept of a "resto-like" dining room. :) It makes dining inside the house look like you're dining in your favorite resto. :) I'm also liking the red and yellow combo of the couches. :) Oooh and also the yellow wallpaper. :) 
Chalkboard wall! :) Perfect for quick reminders and stuff especially when you have a busy day ahead. :) Plus, it's a good way to express your own creativity or you can also express how stress you are. :) So, a chalkboard wall is a MUST FOR ME. :)
YES PLEASE! I NEED THIS! :)))) I hate memorizing conversions and shiz like that. :)) I think that a customized cupboard with conversions of tbsp. to blah is very helpful esp. when you're in for baking some tasty treats. :)
PLATES: I prefer them to be really colorful and solid colors. :) These ones are pretty okay too. :) 
This is a really cool DIY project don't you think? :) You get to recycle those really vintage looking tin cans of yours and use it as utensil holders. :)
This may seem like really outrageous but I'm really digging this pink chandelier. :) It adds more color and makes the walls pop more. :) ;)
Love this too. ;)
possible floorplan? :) only with yellow wallpaper, blue chair, light blue tables, cyan blue cupboards and drawers and checkered floor. :) <3

(c) pictures from PINTEREST. :)