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I've been thinking. 
I've only got less than a month of "normal school days" before our final examination. :( huhuhu. I'll surely miss my school and everything that's in it! :)) The facilities, the teachers, the classrooms, maintenance staff, security guards, my friends, classmates, org-mates, EVERYTHING!!! Even the food, breakfast, snacks, even the stray cats wandering around our school and preying on the garbage cans. Leaving the school that has nurtured you for quite some time is something really hard to leave behind. That's why, I've come up with a solution! :) I was actually inspired by my friend, Kim, who started making this album on Facebook entitled, "Reasons why I'll miss HS". :) So starting today until March. 24, 2012, which is my graduation day, I shall post a picture that I'll miss in High School when I leave for college. I'll really try my best to post DAILY! I'll super try! :))) HAHA. 
So, for my first post...
*taken during the Freshmen Interaction thing-o in Xavier*
We're not complete here though. :( HUHUHU. Anyway, I really love this bunch! I wouldn't be able to survive CAT and High School life if it weren't for these lovely people! Through hardships and trials, our bond was really put to the test and I'm glad that by the end of the day, our bond became stronger than ever. For 3 years I've spent my CAT life with them and I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING in the world. I'll surely miss them when we go off for college. :( 

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