Shopping with a bit of future talking.

This is suuuuch a late late late post. :)) HAHAHA
Here's a gist of what happened on this day and of course, some pictures to back up the tid bits of this fine fair experience. :)
My mom invited Aina (my host for my debut) and Mari (the event organizer/ event programs head) over to my house to check out the event place where my debut was held. :) Afterwards, we had lunch at Zong's were we discussed how the flow of the debut will be. After that my mom dropped us off at Trinoma for some window shopping. :)) Here are just some of the pictures of that day. :)
 these aren't real, okay. :)) I think they are coin containers. :)) HAHAH cute right? :)

 satchels are just to DIIIIIE for :-j

I tried this dress on, and ..... it did suit me well... except for some....circumstances that I just can't seem to understand WHY it has to be LIKE THAT in such a way that I'm extremely ashamed of it. :)) <<< I don't make any sense there, do I? :))