The Blog Project. #3 & #4

Sorry if I wasn't able to post yesterday! :( I was out the whooole daaaay, so I had no chance to blog. :( Sooo, to make up for my absence yesterday, I shall post 2 posts under "The Blog Project" today! :)
So, for The Blog Project. #3 we have,
My Charity 'Kada. <3 
The past 2 years have been an amazing roller coaster ride with these lovely ladies! :) Without them, my high school life would surely be a blah. I'll really miss these faces when I go off for college! I'll surely miss playing UNO or Monopoly Deal, photoshoot-ing, invading planners, formulating pick-up lines, and passing post-its, with this bunch. :(

Next up!
for The Blog Project. #4, we have,
My First Year class 'kada. :)
These beautiful girlaloos really made the start of my High School really memorable! :) What's even more amazing about it is that, we make it a point that at least once a year, we meet up at Louise's (2nd girl from the left) or go to Promenade (mall located somewhere in Greenhills). Another amazing thing we do is whenever all of us are invited to a certain event, like a debut or a party, we TRY to make it a point to take a picture together. We still try to keep our friendship really strong despite the other barkadas we have. I'll surely miss KS-ing (kwento session-ing; gossiping, catching-up, etc.), watching concerts, and just chilling with these girlaloos. :)

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