DIY Pinatas// from Ohhappyday

So while I was doing my daily routine of blog-hopping, I came across this DIY project about how to make mini pinatas. Although I'm not a fan of Pinatas or anything, I found these ones adoraaaable and I had this feeling that someday, I'll be needing this tutorial. :)) AND BESIDES, not only can you make horse-like pinatas using this tutorial, but you can also think out of the box and create something even more tad than unicorns/ horses for pinatas. :) Right? ;) 
I'm not gonna put the step by step process of the DIY project since I'm not the one who did it, so if you guys want a step by step instruction of this project, go to: http://ohhappyday.com/2011/10/mini-pinatas-diy/
and check out more of their DIY projects. :) 
Hope you guys are enjoying the halloween! :)

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