10 thing I love, Neon Signs

All those vintage signs make cities like Las Vegas and New York a lively place to be in. Sadly, most of those neon signs are replaced with LCD made signs and billboards and stuff. Fortunately, I found out that there's this neon sign museum in Las Vegas! :) AND I SUPER SUPER TROOPER WANNA GO THERE!!!! AND TAKE PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PICTURES 8-> :)) For the mean time, here are my top 10 favorite neon signs. :-bd
*** Most pictures are from Pinterest and Neon sign museum website.

I want one of these in my house!!! :) SUPER CUUUUTE! :">
 ooh! :) SUPER LOVE THIS! ;) Nice font and colooor! So sad it's not being used anymore :( Well, at least it's in the museum! :) But I still think using these can really bring more life to the city. B-)
cool! :) NEON-LIT SHOES! :) 

I really wish that one day these signs will be put up again and light up the whole city. At least for just one night. :) So that we can conserve energy :-bd :) 

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