poster I made for my class' fair booth. :)

So this year's school fair is entitled: SILVER SCREEN. So, basically it's a movie themed fair for this school year. I'm pretty excited about this! The sad part though is that this will be my last fair as a student in ICA. :( UUUUGH :< Being a senior is really tough, not only academically, but physically, emotionally and most of the time, MENTALLY! :)) 
So going back to the fair, this year my class, IV- Charity, has a fair booth called: SHOOTER ISLAND. :)
The game goes like we'll be giving you loads of paper-mached popcorn. Some are burnt and some are buttered. Now, your goal is to put the buttered ones in the popcorn tumbler and the burnt ones in the trash can. As simple as that! What makes our booth unique are our PRIZES. :) :> hihihihi. 
Well, that's all I can spoil for now. ;) Can't wait to post about the fair, etc. :) 

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