10 things I love, Wedding Themes

Okay, before you guys have any assumptions about the title, I'm not planning any wedding event nor am I gonna be married. I just decided to do this post so that YOU GUYS can I have some ideas on how you want your wedding to look like. Also, not only do I love these wedding  themes, but they also helped me in planning my debut theme and decorations and stuff. :) 
*all photos are from http://greenweddingshoes.com//

1. Bohemian handmade theme

2.  Superhero theme

3. New York City theme

4. Light bulb inspired theme

5. Old world carnival theme

 6. Water for Elephants theme

7. Carnival theme

8. Eco- Friendly Park theme

9. 1920's theme

10. Anthropologie inspired theme

I just love the colors that pops out from the pictures. <3 I also adore its vintage-ness. <3 
 I really hope, that my debut will turn out to be like a combination of all my 10 favorite wedding themes. <3 

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