10 things I love, The first.

I know, I should be doing this on a SUNDAY, cause every Sunday is a "10 things I love sunday", but I'm just too excited to be re-starting a blog again after so many months of figuring out what to do with my previous blog. :-j (BTW, my previous blog is: http://365daysofsummerhome.blogspot.com) ;) You can check that out if you want, but it won't be as organized and as fun as this blog. :) So, check at your own risk. ;)
Anyway, So here's a list/ photo list of the 10 things I love, in general. (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER);)

1. Native American style/ vibe.
I don't really know why, but I just love its "vibe". :)) It makes me feel so carefree and relaxed despite all the bad **** happening my life. Plus, feathers are a trend right now, right? :) 

2. DIY weddings/ whimsical weddings 
Based from A MILLION (or more) picture I've seen, I find these kinds of wedding really fun and and practical to do. 'Cause you don't have to splurge a lot of money! Plus, you can add your "personal" touch in your wedding decorations but at the same time keep "traditional" vibe that every wedding has. :) 

3. Rings
Okay, I have to admit, I used to HATE RINGS! They're just irritating and weird. I used to think of rings as "weights" or "loads" for my fingers to "carry".  But then one random day, I suddenly had a thing for rings. :)))

4. Pumps.
Okay, Another confession. I'm short. I don't really admit to myself that I'm short, BUT, I think I am :( BOO HOO! :( One solution to height problems are PUMPS! KILLER STILETTOS ;) hihi. I tried on this 5-inch pumps from Michael Antonio. I thought I couldn't walk using those heels 'cause I don't normally wear them, but then to my surprise, I actually worked it. :)) It just boosts my confidence when I wear heels. It makes me look taller and smart. ;) (BTW, I LOVE THE 3rd PHOTO <3 GLITTERY SHIMMERING RED PUMPS <3)

5. GOD. <3 
Of course, GOD!!! Without God, I wouldn't be living or wouldn't experience the life I'm experiencing now. Because of Him, a lot of things are happening in my life right now, good or bad. :) And everything I do, I do for His GREATER GLORY. :)

I just love my family! :) I mean, who doesn't, right? :)) Without them, I wouldn't be here. :) It's because of them that I'm living my life to the fullest. :)

My life wouldn't be as fun and as exciting without my friends. :) I consider them as my "family" in school whenever I feel homesick :( They're the one whom I turn to when my family is taking care of their business and other stuff. :) Without them, my life would surely be one dull life. :( 

8. Music.
MUSIC IS MY SOUUUL! Yeah i know that sounded kinda cliche, but it is! I mean, I love music, I love creating music and I love listening to music. It just makes my gloomy days, happy and bouncin' in an instant. :) Also, it helps to bring back good 'ol memories. ;)

9. Fast food/ Burgers, Fries, etc.
I JUST LOVE BURGERS AND FRIES. :) Esp. with coke float from Mc D's. :)) <3 Best comfort food EVERRRR <3 Not minding all the calories of the burger and the fries, though. HAHAHA. But I make it a point that I take in thing in moderation.

10. Harry Potter
MY CHILDHOOD WOULDN'T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT THE HARRY POTTER MOVIES. <3 Imagine, the Harry Potter movie started when I was in the 2nd grade and ended during my Senior year. :)) I remember when I was a kid, I made sure that I watch every HP movie that comes out, and buy each of their DVDs. :)) Though, I haven't watched the last one though due to my tight sched. :( 

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