Remedy when I lack the energy to study

Whenever I'm lazy to study or do school work, I always crave for junk food. :)) Like candies, softdrinks and chips. :) Yeah I know they're VERY UNHEALTHY! But with moderation, it wouldn't be a SUPER BAD thing...right? :)) I just have this belief that you should take risks ones in a while. Don't always play safe. 
So back to my "remedy", I don't normally buy THE EXACT SAME ITEMS that are being shown below, it just so happened that my mom and I went to the supermarket to buy some stuff  then I came across this small packs of "Magic Pops". So I decided to buy 2 flavors, Strawberry and Cola. :) But then I remembered I bought "Crazy Dips" 2 days ago. SO DOUBLE THE SUGAR RUUUSH. :) 
I know all of them are like sweet and unhealthy, but like what I said earlier, take the risk or in this case, EAT THE RISK. You'll feel good about yourself afterwards. Besides, you can't just eat those in small amounts, doesn't necessarily need to be like the whole pack. :)) 

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