INTRAMS 2011. Gotta Party like its 2012.

Like what I mentioned in my previous post, We recently had our annual INTRAMURALS! :)
Last Wednesday, October. 12, 2011, the 'gods' were in our side as we bagged over-all champions in the said event. It was a close close SUPER CLOSE match between Zenith (Seniors) and Xyrene (Juniors) as they go neck in neck in order to be"crowned" as this year's over-all champions.

Being inside the court wasn't as fun as it looks like. You can actually feel the "intense-ness" of the game. I was the one in-charge of the court during the last game, which was the Zenith vs. Xyrene game, and OMG IT WAS SO INTENSE!!! Every time the scores tie-up, my heart suddenly stops beating. IT WAS THAT INTENSE!!!!!! But in the end, we bagged the championships! :) WOOHOOOOOO! So here are some of the pictures I took from that event. 
Sorry if they're so grainy...:< I used the wrong settings. :< :| 

Zenith, cheering their hearts out. <3 

FLASH MOB! :) Dancing to 2012. ;)
co-CAT officers. :) <3

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