Love is Louder// Seniors' Surprise

I've been busy lately with entrance tests and other school requirements, etc. ;))
So, last September. 23, 2011 other than the most awaited INTRAMURALS, my org., SASS (Social Action Student Staff), had a LTS (Leadership Training Seminar) which was lead by the Ateneo CODE. 
So we had to sleep in school and stuff. :)) So during our movie night. The younger members of my org. suddenly came out of the stage with candles and cupcakes and stuff while they're singing "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars. :)) Here are some of the pictures from the surprise. :))
YUM YUM YUM cupcakes btw! :)) Plus, the candles that they used were those kinds of candles that when you blow it, it will ignite again. :))) I did like 5 blows before I COMPLETELY BLEW THE FLAME OUT. :)) Silly but worth it. :)
We had another surprise though. In the morning, at around 5 am-ish. :)) Kaye, one of my co-org. mate, sang in a superrrr LOUD LOUD LOOOOUD MANNER "WHO RUN THE WORLD, GIRLS?" and she repeated it 5x until us, Seniors, woke up. :)) So what happened was, they made us line up. Then whe she and someone opened the door, I can see candles like they're some sort of path way leading somewhere. Then while we were following the path way, there were people throwing flowers at us and stuff (it's as if we're newly weds. :))) So yeah, then the path lead to some sort of a circle. Then we were like inside a circle of candles while the NOT-SENIORS members were like singing "Perfect", and another song. While they were singing, each of them were handling out a box+a balloon to the senior assigned to them. :) The balloon looks like this:
sorry if it ain't clear. hahha so anyway, yeah. Afterwards we were lead to the "movie time area" to watch this clip they made for us and stuff. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that they gave us fake tiaras and stuff. ;)) SO CUTE! :)))
so yeah! basically that was it! :))
I really had fun at the LTS with SASS. We have another sleepover coming soon. :) If I'm not mistaken I think it's a recollection this time. :) haha. Ohwell, I hope it pushes through thooough. <3 ;)

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