Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up (Official Lyric Video)

I just realized that it's been months since the last time I've posted. :O whoops. =))) Sorry for that. :-j HAHAHA. I've been quite busy with a lot of stuff recently. (Well, most of them not related to school though. :-j) HAHAHA. To make up for my absence, I shall post as many posts as I could tonight. :) HAHA. *Challenge Aceepted* ;) To start off, Here's a song to sort of "legalize" my "relationship" with this lovely blog of mine. ;) But other than that, I really like you guys to listen to this song. It's like God talking to you and telling you that He's always there for you no matter what, and that He won't give up on us no matter how many time we do bad things and stuff. :( So yeaaah. Hope you guys like this song!!! <3 
(I literally teared-up the first time I heard this) :))


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